Someone recently asked a question about the linux 2.2.x frame buffer boot logo on a list I read, so I took a look at it. When I realized how simple the format is, I decided I wanted to replace mine. Here's the code to do it, if you already have a boot logo. If you don't have a boot logo, I can't help you; you'll need to read kernel docs (ie /usr/src/linux/Documentation/logo.txt) to figure that out.
What to do
  1. Verify that you're running Linux 2.2.x (ie. type "uname -s -r").
  2. Save a backup copy of your old /usr/include/linux/linux_logo.h. I saved mine as /usr/include/linux/linux_logo.h.orig.
  3. Download boot_logo-1.01. You may need to change the first line to reflect where you have Perl installed.
  4. Make a 80x80 .xpm with *exactly* 214 colors (ie. in the Gimp.)
  5. Run ./boot_logo your_image.xpm > linux_logo.h
  6. If there were no errors, drop linux_logo.h into /usr/include/linux
  7. Recompile the kernel, and do the usual thing. Make sure to set up lilo (or whatever you use to boot) with a backup kernel. If you don't know how to setup a backup kernel, read your kernel docs.

by Mordechai T. Abzug <>
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