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Current version: 0.10
Download: jsd-0.10.tar.gz
Requires: nothing


My roommate kept asking me to start and stop the mp3 player on my machine. This got kind of inconvenient, and hey, the joystick wasn't being used for anything anyway, so along came the joystick mp3 player.


It's got everything my roommate asked for, and more. :)

Note: this needs a fairly recent joystick driver, included in linux 2.2.x.

Typical usage, in your rc.local:

jsd -d /mp3_dir -p mp3_player


jsd needs read access to your joystick device (ie. /dev/js0). To use the command unix-domain socket ability, jsd needs to be able to open a socket in /var/run. You can run it as a non-root user if that user has access to your joystick device (ie. /dev/js0), and if you don't care about the command socket. If you start jsd as root, it will open the /dev/js0 and the command socket as root, and then drop its perimissions to either the joystick user (if such a user exists) or the nobody user. If you really want it to retain root, you can use the -r option.

The permissions on the command socket are 622, unless a joystick group exists or the -g option is used, in which case permissions are 620.

jsd does use any temp files, create any output files, or open any internet-domain sockets.

Major TODO items

by Mordechai T. Abzug <morty+www@frakir.org>
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