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I've always hated the problem of finding an appropriate program to act as the X session control program. I hated it when i forgot to xlock my machine, and then couldn't get rid of ssh keys remotely. For that matter, xlocking remotely or restarting a dead window manager remotely was also a pain.

xexit was the solution to all these problems at once. When run with the -d option, it creats a pipe in $HOME called .xexit-HOSTNAME-DISPLAY. You can send it remote commands, so long as you have write permissions on the pipe, by saying something like:

echo lock > .xexit-highlander-:0

The currently implemented commands are:

I also originally wrote a "run" command that would execute any arbitrary command, but that seemed too dangerous.

Installing it:

Get xexit-1.04, install it in your favorite location, and in the beginning of your .xsession or .xinitrc, say:
 eval `xexit -s` 
At the end of your .xsession or .xinitrc, say:
 xexit -d 
Or if you want to specify a user program:
 xexit -u afterstep -d 
That's all you need to install it.

When you're actually done your session, if you want an "Are you sure?" dialogue, run:

. . .and if you want to force an exit at the end of your session, run:
 xexit -f 

by Mordechai T. Abzug <morty+www@frakir.org>
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